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Stained Glass Supplies(subject to availability)


Solder; Brass, Copper, Zinc & Lead Came; Rebar & rods; Copper Foil; Copper wire & Restrip; Specialty metals; Chain & acc.; Vase Caps, Spydars; Brass Fitter Rings; Decorative Brass Edging; Misc. Metal Parts & Box Stuff; Various Brass stampings; Various metal castings; Various Filigrees; Came Liner. Pure silver foil for lampworking

Wrought iron Tables; Mosaic Molds; Mosaic tools; How-to-video- Mosaics; Resist for mounting glass; Adhesives & Glues; Glass scraps; Glass Shades for Mosaic/painting; Glass "stuff" to mosaic. Misc. Mosaic Stuff.

Imported Tools; Glass Cutters; Soldering Tools; Pliers; Lead Cutters & Accessories; Brushes; Blades; Burnishers & stylus; Straight Edges & squares; Fume Trap;Foil Accessories; Squeegees; Help Tools; UV light Stuff; Steel wool; Sponges, Pins; Markers; Mark n' stay; Suction cups. Lampworking tools & supplies

Lamp Forms, Patterns and Accessories
Specialty Lamp Forms, Patterns & Parts; Worden System Lamp Molds & Patterns; Worden System Lamp Accessories; Stuff you need or to Help; Chandeliers.

Machine Grinders and Accessories
Ringsaws; Grinders; Gryphon Grinding Bits; Glastar Grinder Bits; Glastar Grinder Accessories; Must Have Stuff.

Velvet Etching Cream; "Stuff to Etch"; Bottles, Xmas Balls & More; Etching Resist.

Tools; Chemicals; Accessories; Stringers; Frit; Confetti.

Kits to complete Stained glass bases; Kits to complete Stained glass lamps; Reverse hung ceiling fixtures; Swag Kits; Nite Lights; Sockets, Clusters & accessories; Medium Base Sockets; Mogul Base Sockets; Candelabra Base Sockets; Various parts for adding to bases etc.; Various Components; Harps;; Electric wire & accessories; Lamp Chain; Ceiling canopies; Finials for swag lamps & for lamp bases; Light bulbs.

Findings; Earring - pierced & non - pierced; Decorative Pins; Neck Rings; Cord & Lacing & Acc.; Ball Chain & Acc.; Glue On "stuff"; Bead caps w/ loop - Glue on; Bails; Barrette Backs; Bead pins; Hat Pins; Clasps; Precious Metal Wire; Austrian Crystal Beads; "Stuff" you Need.

Drawing and Drafting
1/4" grid Vellum Graph Paper; Regular Paper Products & Stuff; Drawing & Pattern tools;

Books and Patterns
Great selection of Books; Magazines

Art Glass and Glass Accessories
Spectrum, Spectrum System 96, Kokomo, Wissmach, Gluechip, ZDR, GNA, English Muffle, Armstrong, Clear Float, Mirror, Architectural, Sandblast, Bullseye, Uroborus, Specialty glass, Scrap Glass, Glass Nuggets,   Jobglas tiles, Glass Bottles & Xmas balls, Glass Shades for Mosaic/painting, Clear glass shapes w/hole, Mouth blown Candle holders, Slumped Fruit, Painted & Fired Religious Medalions, Mouth Blown " Fancy " Balls, Imported Tiffany Shades.Glass rods for lampworking.

Bevel Sets and Clusters
Oval; Round; Fully Beveled Door Inserts; GST Bevel Clusters; Choice Bevel Clusters; Special Shaped Clusters; Lamp Bevels.

Jewels and Crystals
Clear Faceted Jewels; Specialty Jewels; Austrian Full Cut Crystals; German Full Cut Crystals.

Lamp Bases and Chandeliers 

Fan Lamp Bases; Wall Sconces & Lanterns; Tiffany Juniors, Handley Lampbases; Specialty Lampbases; Glass lily Bases; Chandeliers.

Kits, Wood Products and Miscellaneous 
Kaleidoscopes & Acc.; Misc. parts, Clock Parts; Wind Watcher Weathervane kits;  Photo backs; Nite Lights.

Chemicals, Paints and Cements
Chemicals; Acid etch creams; Adhesives & glues; Paints; Pebeo 160 Paints; Lamp oil & Tea lights; Eternal Candles by Emilo - mouth blown.

Standard Boxed Bevels 
3/4" Series; 1" Series; Zipper Bevels; 1-1/2" Series; 2" Series; Gluechip Bevels; Diamond Bevels; Triangle Bevels; Corner Bevels; Star Bevels; Heart Bevels; Oval Bevels; Circle Bevels; Different Shaped Bevels; Specialty Bevels.

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